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I have been receiving coaching with Keisha Jackson via Skype and in just a few sessions working together, we have already opened up a whole new range of my voice. Whenever I hit a wall, she knows how to zoom in on the problem, and the solutions that she offers work. I have benefited from her expertise and recommend her highly.
- Nonto Sihwa Toronto, CA
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Brilliant. Stellar. Intentional.
Keisha pushes you to be a better version of YOURSELF. Her instruction is precise and intentional. She incorporated cardio to aid in the improvement of my vocal stamina and agility. She is truly a gem!
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Dereck Smith
I used to not be able to sing in front of anyone, I just wasn't sure about my voice and how it sounded. I have been doing my session from Dallas almost every Friday for about 10 months now. I love it no games no sugar coating... But ASK me to sing now, I WILL and I couldn't do that last August.. I think things began to change after my second session! I am just grateful. Dereck Smith R.C
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Rene Deveraux
Keisha Jackson is the hardest working vocalist in the business. When I rate her service I think custom, not common. Check her out.
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Jameelah Mullen
Keisha knows what it takes to be a stellar vocalist and she incorporates many helpful strategies that have helped me improve on my craft. Not only have I received one-on one coaching with her, but she has also sat in on recording sessions with me. Her input and small “tweaks” made all the difference in my record. Her vocal workshop was an amazing experience. She was able to make a group of strangers sound like they had been singing together for years. Keisha’s vocal coaching has been immeasurably beneficial to my growth. She is approachable, patient and extremely supportive, she pays attention to your goals and helps you to achieve them as long as you are willing to put in the work.
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Nonto Sihwa
In just a few coaching sessions with Keisha Jackson, I have already opened up a whole new range of my voice. Whenever I hit a wall, she zooms in on the problem and she knows how to solve it. Definite expert teaching. You just have to put the work in.
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Tifani Edwards
OMG Ms Jackson is awesome! I've improved so much since I started with her. Can't wait attend one of her workshops!
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