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One Voice Entertainment is Keisha Jackson's vocal coaching agency located in Atlanta GA.  Established in 2001, it serves as home base for a large ensemble of exceptionally talented vocalists. We provide professional quality soloists and vocal units of all sizes for all addition to the vocal coaching services we offer.

A One-Stop Shop


We have 2 types of Clients... 

If you're interested in vocal instruction, we provide coaching in-person & via Skype or FaceTime to conveniently serve clients worldwide. 

 If you're in need of vocalists for live performances, sessions, videos, weddings, private parties etc, we provide singers for any occasion. 

We also offer the additional service of Vocal Concierge.  Contact us for more information! 



With 20+ years of experience as a support vocalist, Keisha takes pride in sharing her knowledge, teaching the importance of  professionalism within the entertainment work environment. One Voice Entertainment conducts yearly workshops for vocalists age 14 & up, placing emphasis on backing vocal techniques…focusing on tone, pitch & blend. This unique approach is why our workshops are so successful. 

We Do More...



We travel to public and private schools conducting workshops and educating students on the "business" of music and the range of career options within the industry. This has shown to be a great addition to the curriculum where music programs may be lacking. 

To request a workshop or speaker for your organization, send us an email today.

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Polishing • "Expanding"


We provide groups of all sizes for live performances, showcases, TV appearances,  etc. We also offer the additional service of Vocal Concierge. Contact us for more information. 

(Pictured above: Keisha working with the Dublin Gospel Choir for a special performance with Outkast in Dublin, Ireland) 

Corporate Work


We work with businesses and corporate sponsors for large presentations, regional/national meetings and inter-office activities. 

(Pictured above: Working as assistant vocal coach with the Home Depot Stars for the corporation's annual conference in Vegas)

We also work with corporate bands, tweaking and polishing vocals to help them become next-level performers. 

One Voice Music Group

Something Different


ONE VOICE MUSIC GROUP (OVMG) is an Atlanta based vocal ensemble created by Keisha Jackson. The group allows vocalists an opportunity to perform, record and learn some of what it takes to be an "artist". Group members are typically chosen from One Voice Entertainment's yearly vocal workshops. 

OVMG performs throughout the year for special events and private parties. 

In October 2015 One Voice created and released the 14-song project, ONE VOICE HOLIDAY. This holiday tribute to Atlanta's legendary rap duo, Outkast is a mash-up of traditional holiday selections over classic OutKast beats. 

For performance requests and more information, send us an email and follow us on social media

Join The Family

 To JOIN THE TEAM, send us an email

If you're interested in joining One Voice Music Group, participate in one of our workshops or shoot us an email to set up an audition. 

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